Omnisphere 2 - OMG! Drums V1: Dubstep/Hip Hop

EPIC 147 Multi / 363 patches / 300 Samples patch library (with built-in Drum Machine) for Omnisphere 2.1!

New Library - Most EPIC patch library I've yet released!!

147 Multis!!
This is the HEART of this library. There are 3 different types of Multis:

KIT = This is a mapping of the 6 samples in the Drum Kit. Use your sequencer to record whatever groove style you want just like any other sample based plug-in with drum samples.

LOOP = This has the 6 samples mapped across the whole keyboard with the Arpeggiator turned on and programmed to play a unique pattern on each of the 6 samples. The goal was to create grooves that sound as close to the BreakTweaker version as possible.

GROOVE = This is the COOLEST part of the library. C1 on your keyboard (and below) will now trigger a drum groove to start. Play the same note again to stop the drum groove. Above that on the keyboard are synth sounds, layers and splits that you can groove with! Write music with! Use as a starting block to create your own music. Or just have fun jamming for hours and hours… I almost didn’t get this library done because of how much fun the GROOVE Multis are. Really cool to have this much creative power inside of a single synthesizer that you can jam with in Real-Time!

We pulled EVERY Patch used in all of the GROOVE MULTIS – and saved them as a single patch. This makes it fun to MIX and MATCH the different drum genres and sounds together to create new rhythms or simply to use the new synth sounds for writing music. As usual, the Modulation wheel does radical things to most of the sounds.

300 Samples!

These are custom Kick/Snare/Hat/Cymbal/Ride/SFX/Bass/Synth sounds used in this library. There are also a select handful of samples from our MegaMagic Dreams and MegaMagic PADS sample-based libraries. I wanted to include them as a bonus treat for making new sounds!

286 Drum Arpeggiator Presets!

All of the cool patterns created for this library were saved as individual Arpeggiator presets. This way you can use them to mix up any of the LOOP or GROOVE Multis to make them unique for your own music!

3 Stack Presets!
The Stack Presets are included to help you quickly map the first 6 patches to either:

KIT layout (drum machine)

LOOP Layout (triggers all 6 patches at once for Drum Loop Style Playing)

GROOVE Layout – where the first 6 patches are mapped from the bottom of the MIDI Range up to C1. Turn on LATCH and set trigger to 1/16 for parts 1 thru 6 and now playing C1 on your keyboard will start a “drum machine” that will keep playing until you play C1 again.

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