MegaMacho Drums V1.5 - WAV Format

Drum Kits with 2,000 Drum Samples in 6 sampler formats!

Cutting Edge Drum Kits !!- over 30 Kits that are comprised of 2,000 drum samples. These kits will work with 6 different formats (EXS24, Kontakt 4/5 .nki, Battery 3 .kt3, Reason NN-XT, ProTools Sculpture and Ableton Live's Sampler). Give Music FAT BEATS!

2,000 World Class drum sounds arranged in over 30 Kits ranging from DubStep to Techno, To HipHop to MAXIMUS (up to 8 sounds layered to make many of the drum sounds). A truly fun library to work with - 13 Kits from completely different Genres are set up to be compatible with each other so that you can program a groove with one kit, then go changing thru the kits and watch the groove transform into something totally unexpected and inspiring.

I also sell a Kontakt 5 version of this library that includes a very powerful interface for quickly mangling the drum sounds in unique and inspiring ways.

This WAV version of the library comes with support for 9 formats (6 on the MAC and 3 on the PC):

• Logic Pro EXS 24
• ProTools Sculpture (and Sulpture FREE)
• Native Instruments .nki
• Battery 3 .kt3
• Reason .sxt (NN-XT Sampler)
• Ableton Live .adv/.adg

• Native Instruments .nki
• Battery 3 .kt3
• Reason .sxt (NN-XT Sampler)

This library also includes 200 MIDI file grooves that will work with the 13 main kits. Another set of MIDI Grooves will arrive on October 15th which will work with these kits as well (it will also include additional drum kits for the Kontakt 5 version of this library).

A 15 Min Installation Video is also included along with a PDF Quick Installation Guide along with the PDF Kontakt 5 MegaMacho Drums Owners manual.

Enjoy and Keep Jamming!

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