Razor - Evil Razor Patches and Tutorial Video

72 Synth Patches and Video Tutorial for NI Razor Plug-In

72 mind-numbing patches for everything from Dubstep to Dark Techno plus a 45-min video tutorial on how to get the most out of this amazing virtual instrument. 300+mb download.

Razor uses a unique 320 OSC 'Sine Bank' sound generator in Reaktor which makes it sound totally unique compared to everything else. Nothing can make the sounds Razor can and SKIPPY pushes Razor to its limits for some of the darkest and most aggressive patches we've heard in a long time.

The mod wheel has been set up for every patch to up the destruction ante.

In the video another trick is revealed that many patches utilize for even MORE real-time sonic insanity... So watch the video closely!

If you're using the free reactor player, then you can’t save your own patches, making pre-made Razor patches even more valuable.

The bonus video shows you not only the basic flow of Razor’s UI, but also reveals a number of unique tricks that razor has hidden.

What's in the collection?

- 12 Synth Bass Patches
- 10 Synth Wobble Bass Patches
- 7 Lead Patches
- 1 Organ Patch
- 4 Synth Pad Patches
- 3 Pluck Patches
- 7 Synth Patches
- 6 SFX Patches
- 28 Synth Patches

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